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When there is just 8 seconds available for a brand to capture consumer’s attention in a B2C market, how does it work in a B2B scenario? Sources say, it takes about seven impressions for your brand to have any sort of mindshare with your ideal prospects. Marketers try and experiment with different ideas and strategies to capture a prospect’s attention. Amongst different strategies, one that has remained powerful is “Content Marketing”. For B2B marketers, B2B content marketing is becoming even more important as marketing becomes increasingly customer-centric and value-based. It generates three times the leads of traditional marketing with 62% less costs.

One way to make this strategy more effective is to start by understanding the buyer’s pain points. Relieving their pain will grab their attention. The best way to get the limited attention of your prospects would be to demonstrate that you understand the exact nature of the pain they experience – month in and month out.  Create an emotional connect that causes them to pause and consider what you have to say.

Then, gradually, go a step further and assure them with data. Make it easier for them and provide them with the ROI so they can champion the change. If your products and services will be an enormous cause for relief, the prospect will more likely be the catalyst for change – provided you give them the data to justify it.

For corporate customers, purchasing decisions are grounded in reason, and content should be valuable to show the features of the product. While there is a chance to catch a B2C customer in a spontaneous “purchase” kind of mood, companies tend to be rather more systematic about making a purchase. For companies in a B2B area, mid-funnel content is the way to lead a potential customer through the process of making a decision, helping him evaluate the product and develop an affinity for it.

Follow up by highlighting the ways in which you can make the whole process of purchase seamless and easy for the buyer organisation. Reassurance and constant communication with the customer, builds a better relationship and increases chances of closing the deal.

Satyakam Mohanty
Chief Light Bulb, Lymbyc

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