Leni is your virtual analyst, a work in progress to
    approximate the human data scientist in all ways but
    physical form. Leni works across the analytics spectrum
    to get to the answers you seek. Just “Ask Leni” or put
    her on "auto-pilot" mode and see the magic for yourself.

    Leni works just like a real analyst, to analyze,
    interpret and communicate what is most interesting
    and important in the data, at scale!

    Simplify your quest for
    actionable insights
    With the power of Artificial Intelligence and
    Machine Learning on your fingertips
    World's first virtual analyst - Leni


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Data to Insight

Leni curates insights by cumulating, processing and analyzing data, solving for what, how, why and what if of a business query

Insight to Stories

Leni ensures higher insight-to-value conversion rate by leveraging rich visualization and meaningful narratives to provide context and direction to insights

Stories to Wisdom

Leni provides an institutional platform to store and learn from past actions, recommendations and user journeys to become more intelligent over time




Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Leni not only helps you in answering what and how of a business query, but also the why and what-if. Delve into the power of predictive insights to receive accurate forecasts and predict multiple future scenarios.

  • Get answers to queries across analytics complexity
  • Forecast key metrics for better outcomes
  • Predict multiple outcomes by simulating future scenarios







Autonomous Insights

Set Leni in an autopilot mode to receive business signals and alerts. You can not only set pre-defined alerts on relevant KPIs and metrics, but also receive automatic alerts in case of a change in any significant business metric.

  • Track your favorite KPIs through business signals
  • Generate alerts pre-defined conditions
  • Let Leni autonomously detect anomalies and give you alerts



Search based Analytics

Leni helps you receive actionable insights in real-time, curating insights across multiple data sources. Get the power of search-based analytics at the tip of your hands, all you have to do is Ask!

  • Summarize information from multiple sources
  • Instantly interpret business queries using NLP engine
  • Retrieve curated insights from other BI platforms



Insight Stories

Leni utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to generate intuitive and customized visualization. Through Natural Language Generation, you can receive insight stories weaved through statistically relevant narratives.

  • Get access to insight narratives using NLG
  • Add your own comments to the narratives
  • Create new reports, build combined reports from multiple sources
  • Share reports to your team as PDF or PPT





"Leni is the first AI solution to cover the full spectrum of analytics complexity across multiple data forms and sources, focusing on the predictive insight"


"Leni takes significantly shorter time to deploy compared to other AI ecosystem/platform providers"


"Leni is deployment agnostic, available for both cloud and on premise deployment"


"Leni has a comprehensive API avatar, allowing enterprises and partners to create 100% customized solutions "


Powered by our in house database querying language – MIRA, Leni makes AI and machine learning accessible to all. It allows business users to extract insights from data, without needing expertise in deploying or tuning machine learning models. Built on proprietary big data platform, Leni works as a ready to use system of advanced big data technologies and machine learning models that is capable of ingesting any type of data, learning any domain based on the best available data, engaging users with personalized insights, and getting better and more immersive with time.


Lymbyc, being the world's first virtual analyst has proven its mettle in the industry . Be it the "Most innovative Data science Product" by Aegis or "the top 10 emerging Analytics startups in India to watch out for in 2018" by Analytics India Magazine, Lymbyc is making heads turns and making headlines


Lymbyc, a leading edge innovator in AI and Machine Learning takes inspiration from the “Limbic” brain — the part that stores, dissects, rationalizes and generates memories and actions. That’s exactly what we do — giving business users the power of a virtual analyst that is intuitive, actionable and context driven to answer all their business queries


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