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One major hurdle in accelerating adoption of big data analytics is the fundamental difference between Traditional Analytics & Big Data Ecosystems. Apart from the architectural hurdles, other challenges include the dearth of specialized skills sets required to extract, analyse and visualize data, insights extraction or limited exposure to advanced knowledge such as NLP, AI and ML. This led to the genesis of EPOCH - our proprietary big data platform, which provides readymade APIs for pulling data ingestion, extraction , analyses and visualization. 

EPOCH is a ready to deploy Enterprise Application Framework designed to simplify big data analytics technologies for application developers and data scientists.

We have used it as an underlying platform in our products and it forms the core of Lymbyc now


Lymbyc- Under the hood

Powered by EPOCH , Lymbyc has the following components :

  • Data connections: The EPOCH data integration APIs are configured for each implementation. Using the Intelligence Micro-services APIs – the analytics layer is able to converse with the storage layer.
  • NLP engine: We use several APIs for our NLP processing like the Google NLP API for text parsing, Stanford SU time for time based interpretation and a self-developed NLP framework for generating a querying language.
  • Ontologies: We use three level of ontologies besides the core English ontology within the NLP framework. These are mainly the Industry specific ontology, database ontology and a KPI based ontology - developed to learn the organizational specific lingo & KPI definitions. This library is developed during Lymbyc deployment
  • Expert System: We have built a rule engine that understands the context and initiates custom algorithms keeping all internal/external factors into consideration- designed keeping in mind the business user and use case at the centre. These algorithms run, mimics all stages- including data munging, model development & validation and learn over time to provide the most robust results in real time
  • Machine learning Engine: The artificial intelligence and Machine Learning based engine comprises algorithms thus have the innate ability to learn over time basis the interactions with the business user . Moreover, this also makes it possible for organizations to use the platform to build and amplify institutional intelligence over time in order to get the best benefits from the system.
  • Visualization engine: A rule based engine that determines the type of visuals to be displayed based on the context of the question being asked and the data fetched using the querying language.




Lymbyc is a leading edge innovator in advanced analytics solutions serving varied clients across India, US, Singapore and in the Middle East.


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