The Reality of AI- Why it Matters for Business

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Rapid advances in machine vision and language processing are pushing AI into the mainstream. There’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that AI has a powerful role to play in making real-world decisions. It’s unsurprising to learn that many of the most innovative organizations in the world — such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon — rely on AI algorithms as part of their decision-making process.

Analytics has permeated every sector of business, providing data-driven decision-making power to department heads and executives in an array of industry sectors. These insights typically revolve around the use of an analytics solution, and the most beneficial of these technologies are those that put users in the driver’s seat.

The benefits of giving AI a role to play in business decision-making are many:

  • Time to Insight- In a world where the pace of business has accelerated and shows no sign of slowing down, the ability to speed up the decision-making process is crucial and AI is the way forward
  • Managing Data Deluge- Intelligent decision systems are far better than humans at handling many different factors at once when making complex decisions, can process much more data at once, and use probability to suggest or implement the best possible decision.
  • Spotting hidden patterns - AI helps executives spot patterns that may not be readily apparent to human analysis. This makes it immensely beneficial over time as it makes predictions and provides actionable insights that are impossible for a human analyst
  • Consistency and accuracy over time-Automated systems do not face decision fatigue and can make multitude of decisions over time with the same consistency and accuracy. Algorithms are on 24x7, and can help executives avoid making poor decisions borne of exhaustion.


Artificial intelligence is no longer an elective. It is critical for companies to figure out how humans and computers can play off each other’s strengths as intertwined actors to create competitive advantage.Organizations that strike the right partnerships between people and machines can radically enhance their competitive advantage through new offerings, sharper value propositions, and more efficient processes.


Satyakam Mohanty
Chief Light Bulb, Lymbyc

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