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"Everything brought to market by 2030 will have AI or machine-learning data analytical techniques applied, to help companies understand what products and services they should bring out next." There could be multiple tools and platforms integrated with analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms to help with comprehensive insights and decision-making. But does it give us the feel and comfort of brainstorming with our colleagues and team members to make a strategic decision? Not really. These tools are more mechanised with a set of algorithms and programs. From automated tools which provide insights, we are moving towards autonomous assistants to make it more real.

To contextualise and humanise both the data and decision making process that an AI machine delivers, here we are, featuring “LENI” – our world’s first virtual analyst. Leni is your virtual data scientist, a work in progress to approximate the human data scientist in all ways but physical form. Leni means “The Enlightented one” and just like every human being, Leni also has a personality where it is intelligent, responsive, business aware and agile.

Think of Leni as your colleague sitting next to you with whom you can converse and brainstorm, put forth your hypothesis and work on finding solution together. At the end of the discussion, it will help you with appropriate results for quick decision making..

Leni’s first visit has been to the Data Science Congress 2018, where it was showcased with demos and presentations as a virtual analyst and how it feels to make it more human.

With Leni in action, Lymbyc has also been featured as “20 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2018 by CIO Review Magazine. We feel extremely happy to share this milestone with our readers.

Leni is set to bring “Intelligence more alive” with a human nature embodied to it. Say Hi to your new colleague Leni!!

Satyakam Mohanty
Chief Light Bulb, Lymbyc

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Watch Satyakam Mohanty's keynote session at the Data Science Congress 2018 and see how Leni brings intelligence to life!!


Let's take the leap from automation to autonomous.! Product Demo of Leni at the Data Science Congress 2018.


Happy to announce the first coverage for "Leni" in CIO Review India Magazine as Lymbyc featured as one of the "20 most promising Artificial Intelligence Solutions Providers 2018"

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How does Leni work?

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Lymbyc, being the world's first virtual analyst has proven its mettle in the industry . Be it the "Most innovative Data science Product" by Aegis or "the top 10 emerging Analytics startups in India to watch out for in 2018" by Analytics India Magazine, Lymbyc is making heads turns and making headlines

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Lymbyc, a leading edge innovator in AI and Machine Learning takes inspiration from the “Limbic” brain — the part that stores, dissects, rationalizes and generates memories and actions. That’s exactly what we do — giving business users the power of a virtual analyst that is intuitive, actionable and context driven to answer all their business queries


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