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DEL -01 Decision Engineering Lead Bangalore October 17, 2019
PSM - 01 Pre Sales Manager Bangalore October 17, 2019
PA-01 Product Architect Bangalore October 17, 2019
PHP- 01 PHP Developer Bangalore October 17, 2019
RD - 01 React Developer Bangalore October 17, 2019
SDO-01 Senior DevOps Engineer Chennai October 17, 2019
PM- 01 Product Manager Bangalore August 27, 2019
RA-02 Research Analyst Bangalore August 20, 2019
SRND 01 Senior React Native Developer Bangalore, Chennai July 8, 2019
SPD 01 Senior Python Developer Bangalore June 20, 2019


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Lymbyc, being the world's first virtual analyst has proven its mettle in the industry . Be it the "Most innovative Data science Product" by Aegis or "the top 10 emerging Analytics startups in India to watch out for in 2018" by Analytics India Magazine, Lymbyc is making heads turns and making headlines


Lymbyc, a leading edge innovator in AI and Machine Learning takes inspiration from the “Limbic” brain — the part that stores, dissects, rationalizes and generates memories and actions. That’s exactly what we do — giving business users the power of a virtual analyst that is intuitive, actionable and context driven to answer all their business queries


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