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The era of instant customer gratification is upon us and who would know it better than thy holy marketeers; although it is not the same as selling instant coffee. Service oriented businesses with high customer interaction are aware of the new age demanding consumer who wants everything “here and now”.       Customers were always the king (or may be were made to feel so) but now they truly hold the reins of business reputation, be it online or offline. They are empowered with new-age technology tools and they know how to use them,they want to receive excellent service at each and every touch point. If you falter anywhere you are not only doomed to lose the customer but also his 49639407 followers across social media channels. Gone are the days when customers used to shy away from giving negative feedback as they either didn’t believe they would be heard, didn’t want to get into unnecessary hassles of follow-ups calls or simply did not know where to respond. But with the rise of internet, smartphones and social media channels, people have become more expressive. Don’t believe me? Browse through any online review sites like Trip Advisor or Zomato and you can find people bashing up a hotel or restaurant  for unsatisfactory service. Every review site has more negative comments than positive ones, a constant reminder of your one tiny lapse in service. Business owners fear this social media backlash more than ever as it directly affects their bottom line. So what the remedy? Can business owners control what is already spreading like wild fire? NO… But they can try to nip it in the bud.The best way to manage online reputation is to prevent negative reviews in the first place. The time to fix a problem is when it occurs, not when it’s already been posted to the world.   All customer aggravations start at the point of service delivery. A bad dish, lack of courtesy exchanges, delay in service or billing can trigger a not so happy reaction from the customer (and rightly so). On top of that, asking to fill lengthy feedback forms only tests their patience because they are fully aware that their form would probably end up in the nearby dumpster . What if they can fill in their response instantly and get the issue addressed in real time?   Tablets and new world app/cloud technology have made this so easy. You give the customer the tablet, record their responses easily and assure a real time action at the very instant to close the loop ( may be a 10% off on next visit or a reduction in bill amount for service lapse) . If the solution is offered in the moment, at that very instant, customer would not be willing to make a hue or cry about it later.  Now, that‘s no rocket science; its only moulding technology for mutual benefit. Making sense of customer feedback data is now the new mantra for success. Many business owners have started to ride this wave and are seeing positive results. They also want evolved insights to better serve their customer and be right on top. Picture1 Want to improve your customer experience and gain brand advocates for life? Know more about ServeSmart- A Unique  Customer Engagement solution  

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Ankita Asthana
Customer Experience


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