5 SEO elements to keep in mind while building a website

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974,564,550 and counting……

That's the total number of websites currently live on the net while I am posting this blog. And the number is increasing at a rate of 4 or 5 websites per second. So what does it take to build a great website? A web developer, a content writer, a business development manager or more? - it takes a lot of thought and cost clubbed over a period of time to come up with a website.

A fraction of this, if spent in taking care of the basic SEO elements can ensure faster improvements in visibility and rankings of a website on the search enginess, among the humongous number of websites up online. Here are the 5 must have SEO elements to keep in mind while building a website-  

  • Content on keywords OR Keywords in Content?

  A content writer must solve for both through the content: high volume to the website and high value to the readers. A content writer might first research on the problems of the target audience and build content around it, and then try to stuff high volume keywords in it. This brings high value to the reader but might not bring a lot of traffic to the website. Or, she may take another approach towards building the content: get the list of keywords with high search volume and build content around those keywords to get high traffic. This might not bring enough value to the reader, leading to low visitor engagement. So what is the solution? Research what the problems are, your target audience is looking solution for on the internet. Build content around how your business solves those problems, rather than what you think your business solves for.

  • A picture is NOT always worth a thousand words… Search engines cannot understand images and thus would not index them. The images of your website content should be put on the website in the text format. The web developer will have to design the text to make it appear attractive, but it is worth the effort! Surely, there are images which are just images with no and not text and form an integral part of the content. Image optimization should be done for these.
  • Respect time Page abandonment rate is higher for slow loading websites. 70% of users abandoning a website , do so because of lagging load times. Make sure the website developer compresses the CSS, HTML and the JavaScript of both the web and the mobile version of your website.
  • Webpage address should tell what the page is all about Imagine someone sends you an e-mail with attachments in it named as “9ttt_432”,”3425_927”, “adtgO_54vc”. Would you really be interested in opening these files and seeing what’s inside? The users feel lost when they see random website URLs in the address bar of the browser, or in the Search results. Choose short, human-readable, unique URLs with descriptive keywords which inform the user enough about webpage’s content.
  • Communicate with Search Engines Once the website is LIVE, the web crawlers crawl and index its pages. There is calculation time taken by Search Engines to value every link, every page, and every website and then rank those against billions of search queries; causing only small fluctuations in rankings. XML sitemaps help communicate with search engines directly. Ensure your web developer creates one to notify web crawlers about updated content faster.

  These elements can be set right by the website development team itself. The SEO manager can then focus and spend more time on other SEO techniques which require a lot of continuous effort.

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