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We at Ma Foi Analytics have come a long way from when we started – from providing traditional consulting services to building world class solutions rooted in AI and Big Data. As we launch the world’s first virtual data scientist, we thought this was the best opportunity to also have our identity evolve to reflect this transition.

The human brain exists broadly as the Fore, mid and hind brains, and we often have a greater appreciation of the fore and mid brains because of their abilities in communication, skill, and memories. The hind brain on the other hand is seen as a repository of more fundamental things like emotions and instincts. A simpler summary would be that our fore and mid brains help sort our ‘what’ and ‘how’ but it is the hind brain (or Limbic brain) that guides the ‘why’, because all that we do follows from the instincts and emotions that drive us.

In a very similar manner, organizations have many resources and tools, both internal and external, that help them get on top of ‘how’ and ‘what’, but not always the ‘why’ – and that is the role that we at Lymbyc would like to play for our partner organisations. The Fuschia font color symbolises the youth and energy of what we are trying to accomplish, and not in the least, the value of diversity that will always be a fundamental underpinning. The ‘M’ in Lymbyc logo represents the world’s first virtual data scientist, and the best embodiment of our vision for ourselves.

Thank you for being part of our continuing adventures!


Lymbyc is a leading edge innovator in advanced analytics solutions serving varied clients across India, US, Singapore and in the Middle East.


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