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Satyakam Mohanty

Q. How many light bulbs are needed to change an org? One, apparently.

Saty loves new ideas, new concepts, new ways of doing thing, and talking about them with anyone interested (though he’s off to the next one while the minions are still struggling with implementing yesterday’s ‘ideas’!). Honestly though, he believes in leading by example and that no task too big or too small. His focus and the zeal to win is evident both on and off the court (more on the court than off it thankfully!). With a day job as a Startup CEO along with being a doting dad to a six year old, Saty has his hands full – but that doesn’t stop the gears turning over in his head ever. What’s next, eh?


Ashish Rishi

Ashish is the company’s touchstone – doing the things that need to be done and honest in calling us out when we are not doing it right. Also the original dude, he cut his teeth on marketing science while doing the occasional modelling (no, do not be taken in by the glasses, and yes we meant walking the ramp). For a company that has been building an uber advanced solution by mating marketing science to AI, he heads both the solution as well as the science. A natural mentor, and a curiosity cat, he does suffer from being occasionally sidetracked by good food. The BFSI sector could not handle all that goodness by itself so he decided instead to build the future for us.



Venky Thiriveedhi

Venky is a Ninja. Period. You know that not just when you see him at work on product engineering, but also in how silently he goes about it. With nigh on two decades in designing and architecting high technology, he has been driving key engineering decisions, strategy and technology road map for various organizations, and is now helming the technological transformation for Lymbyc. His extensive background in NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Predictive analytics, Big Data technologies and visualization (yeah, that’s just one person) and more than that his 'everything is possible' to the curviest ‘can we do this?’ curve ball makes us very glad to have him around.


Sandeep Acharya

Sandeep will almost certainly fool you into thinking he is a technology dude because he is that too. What he is really though is a people person – ‘Everybody loves Sandeep’ is a real thing.  With 15+ years of experience. In delivering technology services in, and to global organizations, he’s your man to get the job done. Sussing out strengths of his people and getting invited to client’s wedding in the US are part of his average work day. Captain Cool , as he is fondly called by all, has been instrumental in ensuring our solutions are more than dreams and designs.


Lymbyc, being the world's first virtual analyst has proven its mettle in the industry . Be it the "Most innovative Data science Product" by Aegis or "the top 10 emerging Analytics startups in India to watch out for in 2018" by Analytics India Magazine, Lymbyc is making heads turns and making headlines


Lymbyc, a leading edge innovator in AI and Machine Learning takes inspiration from the “Limbic” brain — the part that stores, dissects, rationalizes and generates memories and actions. That’s exactly what we do — giving business users the power of a virtual analyst that is intuitive, actionable and context driven to answer all their business queries


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